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Discover the colours of the Romagna hinterland through suggestive bike routes!


Cycling in Romagna in complete relaxation

I am Vanna, and I am also part of the Onda Marina family. I am a cyclist, a cyclist who loves to pedal to challenge another continuously, but who also loves to discover the landscapes that our territory offers … landscapes that, seen on the saddle of a bike, are a completely different thing!

My passion entered the hotel, and from here I would like to pass it on to all those who love and practice the most beautiful sport in the world. From here my bike rides start through a territory that excites and creates wonder every time.

The Onda Marina Hotel is a family hotel, mine, and since 1975 the thing we most aim for is to make your stay special, in the name of wellness, relaxation, excellent cuisine and professionalism.”


Our Romagna-Marche hinterland, from the plain to the ups and downs of the nearby hills of Montefeltro, is full of villages, fortresses and castles scattered along the beautiful valleys of Marecchia and Conca (San Leo, San Marino, Verucchio, Mondaino Saludecio, Montegridolfo, Urbino , the Passo del Furlo and a lot more). Our Calanques, which create breathtaking landscapes, seem gentle and harmonious hills but which in bike become real challenges with slopes from 5% to 20%.

And then the Monte Carpegna, a path that goes from the sea to the mountain through the most diverse landscapes, medieval villages perched and narrow valleys, and then reaches the sections from 18% to 22% of slope of the Cippo della Carpegna where Pantani trained and where he stretched out loved to repeat “Carpegna is enough for me”.

But there is much more, such as the “Overview” of the San Bartolo Natural Park. There is 26 km of breath-taking views from Gabicce to Pesaro, a stretch of high coast, a lively cliff, rare throughout the Adriatic, routes for BDS and MTB which in total harmony cross an ancient rural landscape.

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