Bike Hotel

The one in the big picture is my Bike, my Fenix, is not a beautiful photo, but I wanted to put on the cover to make you understand that here hospitality is a whole with passion, the real one that we live directly with our bikes.
I am a cyclist, a cyclist who loves to ride to challenge himself continuously, but also loves the discovery of the landscapes of the surrounding areas, that seen from above a bike are quite another thing!!!
My passion has entered the Hotel and from here I would like to pass it on to all those who love and practise the most beautiful sport in the world, from here I leave for my outings through a territory that every time I thrill and amaze me.
The Hotel Onda Marina is a family hotel, mine, since 1975 that is, since it was born, we manage it before my parents and then we brothers. And always what we are most anxious to make your stay relaxing, fun, dynamic, in a context of familiarity, excellent cuisine and professionality.



Our hinterlands of Romagna/Marche from the plain to the ups and downs of the nearby Montefeltro Hills is rich villages, fortresses and castles scattered along the beautiful valleys of Marecchia and Conca (San Leo, San Marino, Verucchio, Mondo Saludecio, Montegridolfo, Urbino, the Passo del Furlo and so much more). The Badlands hills that look sweet and harmonious but that in the bike become real challenges with gradients from 5% to 20%. And then Mount Carpegna, a path that leads from the sea to the mountain through landscapes, several medieval villages perched and small valleys, then reach the snags from 18 to 22 of the slope of Carpegna where quagmires trained and where he               stretched loved to repeat ” Carpegna is enough for me. ”  But there is so much still and I can not forget the “panoramic” of the natural park San Bartolo 26 km, not to mention endless paths x MTB, from Gabicce Monte to Pesaro Panorama breathtaking a stretch of high coast largely represented by a live cliff, rare in all the Ad Riatico, an abandoned and renaturalized ancient rural landscape that conveys a sense of har


Our cuisine is our flagship, linked to our tradition Romagnola is cured in the details directly from us. Every day we prepare rich buffets at breakfast (a variety of sweets, biscuit tarts, savoury pies) and vegetables buffet at meals rigorously of our production and   always different, every day two menus meat and fish, where the Romagna cuisine is the protagonist but not Just joining other culinary specialties. We meet all the needs of our guests and on request We also prepare vegan cuisine. Vegetarian, gluten-free.

Cyclist Services

– informative and technical assistance

– detailed maps of the routes (routes that can be built together), altitudes

– specialized guides on request

– a rich and genuine breakfast

– bike brunch to the return

– a small Workshop – laundry service – technical clothes

– possibility to keep your bike in the room with a comfortable bike rack

– rent a bike (Road Bikes -MTB)

– pocket lunch (on request)

– mechanical assistance (on request)

– conventions with shops and specialised workshops

And finally we are also partner of the Great Fund of Sharks held in May, one of the most important bike Race of the amateur cycling scene.

At this point we wait… to build with you your holiday in bike, to make it unique and to carry always with you….. In Bike.





Bike Marathon – Gran Fondo degli Squali 11/12/13 May 2018

Edition 2018: We will treat you as the champions!!! 

Gran Fondo Squali Carrera – Vincenzo Nibali Special Edition 2018

And so it was ….

A Special Gran Fondo, a Special Day –  Sport Sun Friendship and Fun ..

A Champion Event

We are waiting for you at the next edition Gran Fondo Squali Cattolica Gabicce Mare – May 2019

The roads between Romagna and Marche, the roads of many “Giro d’Italia”, the Fortresses, the Castelli i Calanchi and then the Mare … … you can not miss it Route along km 136 Difference in altitude 2400 Short distance 80 km Difference in level 1250 Spectacular arrival at Gabicce Monte with maxi refreshment: Grilled fish from the Adriatic, Piadina romagnola and Sangiovese.

Hotel Onda Marina Misano Adriatico just 900 meters from the start, for a weekend of sharks!
Info Granfondo :